1. I’m in love with this closet! I have I walk-in, but it’s no where near as gorgeous as this one! Mine was actually the adjoining bedroom that was renovated a few years ago-we moved one of the walls in the third bedroom a few feet back into the room next to mine and we ended up with a tiny room with a huge window. I took it as my closet, because I’d outgrown my wardrobe, so I just moved everything into the room on wheel-in racks. I now keep my vanity, full-length mirror and all my shoes in there on shoe stands. I should probably try to make in there more photo-friendly, I looks like a storage room in comparison to these here! Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. thanks so much for your lovely comment !! but you have the space thats awesome and shops like ikea make it super affortable to have a nice walkin closet 🙂 keep me updated when you decide on redecorating!! have a nice weekend


      1. That’s the problem, no IKEA in the Caribbean! But I’ll figure something out, I’m moving into my own place in the new year, so I will fix it up for my mom, she’s been moving her clothes into there on the sly for the past few months, so I’ll make it really nice for her! 😀 Have a great weekend as well!


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