11 thoughts on “ALEXANDER WANG x H&M 2014 LOOKBOOK”

  1. I get the direction that he was headed in, since H&M has launched their sports collection. I am assuming that H&M perhaps wanted something in the sportier side to give their sports wear some type of recognition to the public?? Get people in purchasing H&M sports wear by having a designer collaboration? I think that’s the direction that he might have been headed. But I think because he was headed in this direction that so many people ( including myself) were disappointed. I think we were all expecting high fashion pieces at a low cost and instead he rolled out with “fitness gear.” I think the company should have perhaps told the public in what direction they were steering towards to prevent the many disappointments. Regardless though, I do agree with you. The wang all over the place its a bit too much. I get it that logos are VERY common in sports wear but come on dude, WANG on everything and every side? Walking billboard anyone? LOL. Anyway, I completely see where you are coming from. Great post 🙂


  2. Well I am not really interested in Alexander Wang and H&M because it’s not really meeting my expectations too but the collab is great I mean people are going crazy and can’t wait for the release as for me I am calm! This is sporty so not a sport fan but I do love the gray pull up written wang!! 🙂


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