9 thoughts on “TRAVEL LONDON”

  1. By food market next to London Bridge on the way to Tate modern, you wouldn’t be referring to Borough market, would you? Because let me tell you how much I love Borough. I would argue that it’s the food hub of London. If you get a chance, go there on a Saturday morning. It’s super crowded but there’s so many amazing vendors and food to try and it’s just the best experience.

    Camden is amazing, too. I love love love going shopping there, especially in all the markets. I found so many amazing pieces there! The food is pretty spectacular as well.

    You’re making me miss London with this post!



      1. I forget the names of places all the time. No worries! I just remember that specific place because of how important it became. While I lived there, I did my weekly grocery trip for fresh ingredients there. I would get up really early, go down there and have a pastry and a coffee while I walked around to see what everyone had that week, would nibble on samples all morning and eventually get something fresh made for lunch, then get my groceries and head back home. Every single Saturday. I miss it so much.

        Here’s to hoping we can both get back soon. xx


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