Monday mood

  All I want is everything – my Monday mood board. As it’s raining cats and dogs here, I don’t wanna leave the couch at all. I skipped through my facehunter book this morning  (it’s about 7 years old now) and I realized it’s still, even after all those years, an amazing source of inspiration. … Continue reading Monday mood


Happy Sunday everybody. Today is meant for chocolate, coffee (or tea), a good book (or tv), and PJs 24 hours, are you in? ( I guess the perfect beach body can wait a little longer.) However I dressed up for 20 minutes to take some photos of my new shirt and gym sack by wir … Continue reading Sunday


They say home is where the heart is … and I definitely lost mine here. Today is a big day  for me – I have reached 10.000 Followers on Instagram which makes me really proud given my short history as a ‘fashion blogger’ … when I started my personal fashion and lifestyle blog last year … Continue reading Interior


New skirt! Yes. After so many months of winter my legs are finally seeing the light of day. Yesterday I had an irresistible urge to treat myself with a new piece for my wardrobe. It’s been so hectic lately. With the move in the new place, we spent a lot of time and money into … Continue reading IN BETWEEN


  Yes – spring is here.Well, not officially yet, but if you look at the sun, smell the air and look on the smile on peoples faces, I think I can safely say most of us are lighting up. I have my hopes up high for this spring and summer … so many plans ahead. … Continue reading SPRING TIME